Amy gets lazy.

By MCpl Amy, with some assistance in typing.

I had done a very long trip around the USA and I felt I needed a break.  What’s a girl supposed to do?  Find somewhere quiet, and just chill on the beach?  Ahhh – that’s a nice idea.  No rushing around, posing on tanks or canyons or aircraft.  Just a BIG chill.

I consulted my favourite Travel Agent, who booked me into a large yellow back-pack for a mystery trip.  For the next 24 hours I just snuggled down to sleep: I mean, travelling is nice … but it can be a bit boring, especially when you’re as well-travelled as I am.

01 Travel in style

But I was finally settled into my new accommodation, where it seems a Butler had been playing with the bath towels.  I guess he enjoys doing that, and everyone should have a hobby!  Nice big bed, too.

02 Big Bed

After a really good sleep, in the morning I stumbled to the window to have a look at the view – Oh, that’s nice!

03 View

Time to explore the place, I suppose.  Hmm, large birds.  Sea view.  Flower arrangement.  This looks OK.

04 George 05 View 06 Flowers











Oh, a Butler with glass of sparkling wine?  How nice!  A bit early in the day, but I guess its OK when a girl’s on holiday.

07 Wine

Time for a stroll around the garden before lunch?  Why not!  All went fine until I discovered that Bouganvillea has some rather interesting thorns, and I had to be helped down from my short climb.

11 more flowers10 Spiky stuff09 Another flower08 Hibiscus12 Spiky Bouganvillea

By this time I was feeling just a little bit hungry, so I headed down to the Beach restaurant to see what was on offer.  I decided to try the coconut shrimp, which turned out to be a good decision.

13 Shrimp

Time to “Hit the Beach”, as the Marines would say.  Ahhh, this is the life: blue sea and sky, white sand, a soft breeze and the sound of tiny waves lapping the shore … inevitably, I dozed off.

14 Beach 15 Sleep









It was actually a bit too warm in the sun, so I retreated into the shade of the beach umbrella, where to my delight a passing Beach Butler provided me with some more fizzy refreshment.

16 Fizz


Suitably nourished, I decided to have another climb (as you know, Bears do like to do that) but it felt a bit too energetic for a holiday activity, so I came down again … and fortunately I had finished my Mimosa before one of the local residents decided to take a close interest in the glass.

17 Climb 18 Glass

That was enough for one day, so I decided to have an early night … only to discover that the Butler had been playing with bath towels again!

19 Towel

And so the days passed in a haze of tranquility and beach and fizzy wine and shrimp and lobster and beach and comfy chairs and fizzy wine and Mimosa and … zzzzz

20 More sleep

I met a few more locals.  The lizards were quite sociable, but the sand crabs would dive into their burrows at the slightest disturbance.  I admired the sockets for his retractable eye stalks!!

21 Lizard 22 Crab

I discovered where a dozen or so peacocks roosted at night …

23 Roost

… and The Butler kept playing with bath towels …

24 Towel2 25 Towel3


I discovered that some varieties of palm trees flower, and another variety was possibly the inspiration for Rastafarian hair-styles.

26 Tree1 27 Tree2


And then … it was time to go home.  Into the back-pack, and about 24 hours later after a load of bumping around and jostling, I emerged to find myself back in a cold, wet, windy UK.  Oh, well, I’d had a good rest, and now feel ready for my next mission (once I’ve managed to get the last of that sand out of my fur).

Where was that I went?  Sgt Braille says it looks familiar!!


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