Infiltrating and Meeting a War Hero

By Cpl Arnhem and a human being.

Another weekend with my bearer and I was informed we would be retracing family steps and visiting old family haunts.

Trying to stifle a yawn, I agreed to accompany her and we set off in the car, myself in the passenger seat once again.

Having successfully found the three places we were to visit, we decided it was time for a coffee break. Coffee consumed, there was a sudden downpour and we decided to take refuge in a small art gallery. Aces High Aviation Gallery it turned out to be…

There I am sitting on the wall….

Pic 1

Upon entering the establishment it was evident that something special was taking place, we were informed that it was a Dambusters & 617 Sqn Signing event.  I was beside myself with excitement and wondered whether we would be able to infiltrate?

Squadron Leader George ‘Johnny’ Johnson DFM was in the building along with Doctor Mary Stopes-Roe, the daughter of Sir Barnes Wallis (the inventor of Upkeep – the “Bouncing Bomb”). Other veterans there included Flight Lieutenant Ken Trent DFC, Warrant Officer Ken Johnson and Flight Lieutenant Gordon Mellor.

We managed to persuade the friendly Gallery Manager to ask ‘Johnny’ if we could meet him – waiting patiently, my paws crossed and breath held, we were told he would indeed like to meet us and we were ushered into the reception room.

There across the table a War Hero!! Plus the daughter of Sir Barnes Wallis!!

Pic 2

After a brief chat, he agreed to have a photo taken with me as you can see below, Doctor Stopes-Roe couldn’t resist my rugged charms either:-






Pic 3

Pic 5 Pic 6










Having successfully infiltrated and gained our objective we said our goodbyes and were handed a signed leaflet.

Pic 7











On the journey home I proceeded to tell my bearer the history behind the Dambusters.

The Last British Dambuster’ by George Johnny Johnson.

Pic 8



I’m so glad that I persuaded my bearer to revisit her family haunts!!

What an unforgettable day for everyone


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