My Heroes – Part 1

Cpl Arnhem reports again …

I was so excited, this week I have been invited to perform a tandem jump with my heroes, the Red Devils!!

I had been given three dates that the team were going to be in my location and I was to be available to jump. My bearer had very kindly offered to drive me to the airfield and had also assisted me in raising sponsorship for my jump.

  • Day 1 – cancelled due to the weather
  • Day 2 – cancelled due to the weather
  • Day 3 – cancelled due to the weather

What was a bear to do? – needless to say I was gutted. But some of the guys very kindly invited me to join them for a couple of photos, I did try and persuade them to take on another member of the team – but they told me a 13th member would be unlucky (in reality I think they were worried that my rugged charms would be too much competition

Cpl Arnhem and the Red Devils 001

Having wished the team luck with their display next week in Normandy, I came away with the promise of a rescheduled jump next month, I’m so excited and wait with crossed paws for better weather and the phone to ring

Of course I will let you know how it all goes, and send photos to prove I did it ……… Cpl Arnhem.


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