Who is Holidays 4 Heroes?

The team, at the centre of the project, reflects the wider population.

We consist of serving members of the Armed Forces, retired soldiers and airmen and a small but vital group of civilians who have never served but have family connections.

This provides a diverse mix of backgrounds, age, gender, skills and experience.

The core team have full time jobs yet give as much of their time to the organisation as possible.

Holidays 4 Heroes has an army (no pun intended) of supporters, fund raisers and not forgetting the many property owners who donate slots in their busy letting schedule.

Without these people giving up their time and resources, Holidays 4 Heroes would not be the success it is.

Are We a Charity?

Holidays 4 Heroes is not a charity, we are a non profit community support group.

This approach allows us to both reduce governance costs and provide a response time to urgent cases that befits our stated objectives of having the shortest possible ‘flash to bang’ time.

We are self governing and operate on the trust and loyalty principle that serves the Armed Forces so well and differentiates the service community from other groups.

It is likely that despite our intention to remain free of the governance, accounting and administration overhead that being a registered charity entails, growth will dictate that inevitably, charitable status is something we will have to address.

We like to ensure that the absolute maximum percentage of donated funds goes straight to those we help.

If you have any concerns about this please do not hesitate to contact us.