Burra’s new uniform

Some people commit a lot of time and skill to compiling PXRs, and fundraising (many).  Some people have skill with a needle (OK, some).  Some people look after a Bear for 18 months, and take him here there and everywhere (very few). But very few people will return a Bear to HQ Bears with a […]


This is a short tale of a lady who celebrated her birthday by doing something most of us would never contemplate … being strapped to the top wing of a biplane to go flying! The story actually started when Sgt Braille visited Cadbury World with his bearers.               In […]

What’s Been Happening?

We have been very remiss in not keeping you all informed about what’s been happening.  The reality is that those who are actually doing the work of organising and obtaining funding for our activities simply don’t have the time!!  It’s a case of doing things, rather than telling people about it!!  Anyway in abbreviated form, […]

We have a RECORD …

When I say we have a Record, it’s neither vinyl nor CD, but a downloadable MP3 track, thanks to the efforts of a few supporters and the lovely voice of Angie Handley. “Brothers in Arms” by Angie Handley is available from Amazon, iTunes, Napster etc, and holidays4heroes gets a huge slice of your very modest […]

The Season is about to start!

Winter is nearly over, and the holidays4heroes season is about to begin. At the moment we have fifty (yes, fifty} families already booked for holidays to Cyprus, Tenerife and Florida.  The programme starts in about 3 weeks, and will provide some much-needed and well-deserved relief for the wounded and the families. We are also re-organising […]