What We Do?

Serious injuries incurred on operations are life changing, but not only for the injured.

Their family can often bear the brunt of the physical and emotional injury, the stress of hospital visits, rehabilitation appointments, visits from welfare officers, financial managers and all manner of related activity whilst trying to keep normal family life going, is significant to say the least.

The bereaved carry an additional burden, often having to deal not only with their own grief but to shoulder it for children and other family members as well, again, trying to maintain the normalcy of routine.

At a time when a break is probably most needed it is so far away from being a priority that the opportunity to take the lid off the pressure cooker with a fun trip to the sun is never realised.

For those injured on operations, their families and the bereaved; Holidays4Heroes has a very simple proposition.

You provide us with a bit of time and we will provide you with a break away from it all.

To achieve this aim we have a fiendishly cunning 3 stage plan.

  1. Raise funds to cover flights, transfers, insurance, taxes and perhaps even a bit of spending money
  2. Work with the expatriate and holiday accommodation community, either gaining significant discounts or, as many do, managing their donation of a free week or three.
  3. Work with the Regimental and Corps family support and welfare officers, RBL and SSAFA to identify suitable cases, sort out the administration and generally make sure all they have to do is remember their toothbrushes.

We make it look effortless but really it isn’t and there is no way we could begin to make even a fraction of the impact we have without the unflinching support of our holiday accommodation community, the people who tirelessly donate or the volunteers that pull it all together.

In addition to our core role we provide a unique niche capability in the welfare arena. Operating in the space between ‘mates helping mates’ and the established service charities Holidays4Heroes often steps in to provide immediate respite accommodation and a wide variety of assistance before the established charities can get fully engaged, taking over from that point.

Activities have been enormously varied, including getting a number of veterans off the streets, helping out with job applications, buying back medals that have been sold due to a financial crisis and almost everything else in between. Our rapid reaction time and can do attitude has amazed the existing service charities and we work in close conjunction with them.